Mortgage Loans

We have been making loans locally for 129 years. You can count on us to offer competitive home loan rates with quick approvals. Our loans will come to you if you can’t come to our bank. We offer the following mortgages.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Our fixed mortgages keep your monthly payment the same thoughout the term of your loan. Even if interest rates rise, your competitive rate will remain the same.

Balloon Mortgage

If you’re looking for a competitive rate for a short term, a Balloon loan will help you achieve your goal. When it’s time to renew your loan, you can stay with another short term balloon or look to lock in a fixed rate.  Call one of our Loan Officiers for more information.


We are always looking for new customers! By refinancing with us, you can either reduce the remaining term on your loan or decrease your monthly payments.

Construction Loans

You can’t find your dream home? So, why not build it! Get your plans together and come see us. Whether you have a contractor in mind or we will be your own contractor. We handle your construction loan either way. At the end of your construction loan, we can handle your mortgage loan also.

Lot Loans

Pick out your lot or land now and pay for it with a BHB lot loan. Your loan will be underwritten locally by our lending staff who understands our market area.

Contact a Best Hometown Bank Loan Officer

Meet our loan officers at Best Hometown Bank.